Artist Spotlight: Fresh Aer Movement

Aer. The name of the duo whose goal is to “spread positive vibrations, that’s what I’m about.” Introduced to the duo by a few good friends in the beginning of college, the thoughtful and positive music this group puts out has been a key contributor to many of my productive and joyful days in the past few years.

After getting back from the band’s One of a Kind tour last weekend in Omaha, I had the same stimulated feeling that I had at two of their concerts in years prior. Every song written on the five albums put out from these guys has a positive, relaxing and energetic harmony. Promoting the Fresh Aer Movement, each concert brings a smaller 100-200 person crowd that is there to have fun, connect with other people, and enjoy fluent¬†rap spread over a positive beat with a hype DJ that could get a nursing home up and out of their seats.

The duo, Carter and David, jumpstarted their music career out of Boston in 2011 with an album called The Reach. The album has a straight outta the basement type feel, but their ability to play their own instruments, rap over a beat, and keep a song energetic is what draws attention. Another EP was put out this year called “What You Need,” easily promoting some of their best music.

Within the next year, the group put out an album called The Bright Side. The main hit off of this album, called Floats My Boat, has been on repeat more times than I can count while driving to work, traveling, or just waking up to a sunny day and making the best of it. Every fan of Aer that I have met, and every friend that has listened to them while we are together, has formed a sentence similar to “Floats My Boat is what I put on repeat for my alarm clock all summer, just because I know I’ll wake up happy and ready to crush the day.” The Bright Side promotes a more crafted appearance by the two in terms of musical talent, and the beats get more crisp and well defined. Lyrics are coming through from a college-inspired era, with references to smoking and drinking, but somehow all come across in a moderate and energetic way.

Many songs in past concerts have come from this album while touring with solid artists such as YONAS, Dizzy Wright, and Dirty Heads. Every concert the group tends to do tends to include artists and groups that compliment the flow and beats of the band, and the venues enhance the enjoyment of each band on the tour.

In 2014, the two put out an album under the simple name of Aer. While staying on the energetic track of solid beats, the duo tends to shift towards a more fluent rap flow on this album. Considering how tone deaf I am, this is obviously just an opinion. The group introduces hooks into many of their songs, but the best part about it is that the content is still in the rap. The hooks aren’t even close to long and are just there for support, unlike all of the new Fetty Wap and Bobby Schmurda crap that is out on the market now. The album brings some chill driving music with some get up and moving tracks like the following:

Now in 2014, the duo is back on the road playing with Chef’Special and Cody Simpson. The last of the albums put out is called One of A Kind. This album has somewhat of a more mainstream feel to it, which can be both a good and bad thing. With more hooks and constant beats, the group still manages to pull in some great verses that rap along the lines of promoting a solid social life while still pursuing your dreams. The tour brings the same energy of their older songs, and the entire crew knows how to put on a great show.

Meeting the two of them backstage was a great experience. Whenever a person is about to meet an artist that they’ve been listening to for years, they tend to wonder what type of personality they’ll have. And that makes it inevitable that the thought will come across of “Hmm, I wonder if they’re douchebags.” But on the contrary, Carter and David were down to earth, positive guys. Surprised that I had seen them in both Buffalo, NY and Syracuse, NY while now being in Omaha, NE, the two asked how the move out here was, and we got to have some solid conversation on their music, tours, and fan base. If you are ever in the mood for a smaller sized concert that will leave you in a great mood, check them out.¬†And remember, if you got a full drink, throw it back.


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