Behind the Scenes of Coffee Productivity: The Coffeeshop

Coffee Shop Hospitality

Starbucks, Tim Hortons, and Dunkin Donuts have become staples in modern day America. So much so, that the average American consumes three cups per day. The caffeine, the flavor, and the social stigma around the crafted blend that can be personalized in limitless ways gives people the thought and mental stimulation that they can produce more work than if they were without the morning jolt, and the 2:30pm afternoon crash is non-existent with the fourth cup in your hand. But the coffee is just a small part of the mentality that you take on when that 100mg of caffeine enters your bloodstream. Whether it be a global chain, or a small, local coffee shop with six or seven tables and an inviting atmosphere, a coffee shop offers many things to help you with accomplishing the task you need to finish for the day.

Stimulation goes hand-in-hand with coffee. Whether you order tea, coffee, or another drink when you enter your local coffee shop, if caffeine is present in the drink, your brain will peak. As caffeine blocks your adenosine receptors, your brain’s natural stimulators (dopamine and glutamate) are free to run rampant. This is the “edge” and increase of energy that you may feel. And as everybody reacts to caffeine differently from a personality perspective, chatter and live conversations are bound to ensue between people of all different heights, ages, and backgrounds. This talk is done over a multitude of activities ranging from playing chess and studying for classes to speaking about the upcoming local/national elections or the local sports game. That’s been a main topic in Nebraska this year, since no coach will ever amount to the ’65 championships they went to of course. This environment is highly stimulating for extroverted people. If you are looking to find a conversation and are not the shy type of person, make it a goal to spend 1-2 hours in your local coffee shop and engage in a new conversation on a weekly basis. You’ll be surprised at the diversity of people you may meet; many who may be able to help you with life’s challenges and your future career goals.

Five years in college also managed to teach me that there are people in this world who have the ability to focus and get work done 5x faster in a stimulating environment such as a local coffee shop. This always blew my mind, because whenever I tried the “studying in groups” technique, I would always end up failing the test the next day. But hey, how can you say no to a friend? If you happen to be one of these people, plan out your work and grab a cup of coffee. You’ll be surprised at how much you can produce in a small amount of time. And if you want to test this out before you go and spend that $3 on a cup of coffee, check out Coffitivity or focus@will. Both websites have the ability to get your cafe experience in your own home without having to leave. If you have a sound system that can further the experience, this may be for you. Focus@will is based around productive music that is proven to work. But the local coffee shop isn’t solely for people who want to be productive or engage in conversation.

If you are fresh out of college or have recently moved to a new place, coming home from work and staying in your apartment by yourself can be taxing on your health and personality. Many people may get anxious and need to get out of the house. Some may feel the need to engage in a social environment after a long day of work. Whatever the reason may be, the coffee shop is a great place to simply relax. Americans don’t come close on the relaxation scale to other countries, but burning yourself out can be one of the most detrimental things in your career. Most coffee shops have a plethora of tea to choose from, which not only makes for a relaxed body, but the health benefits and tea-expert hobby that can come out of drinking tea are sought after by many. The corner of a coffee shop enables you to relax in peace and read a book that you have been wanting to finish for a while now. In the same respect, sitting back and people watching can also provide a mild form of entertainment that most people take for granted nowadays.

Head into your local coffee shop today and try something new. Relax, get work done, and use the time to try a new drink that you’ve never had before. At the very least, the experience will act as a conversation point later on in your future. You may meet a new friend in an area that you feel like a stranger in, or you may meet your future wife. Pick up a new game that you’ve never learned before, finish that book, plan out your New Year’s resolutions that will sit on a shelf, or create that new business idea that you have been wanting to act on.




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