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Is Success Defined by Society?

From the time that we are born, the world around us stimulates our brain in a way that shapes who we grow up to be. Each experience holds a different weight than another, and those experiences that we can recall

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When it Comes to Paying For Dinner…. Don’t Be That Friend.

“A happy meal is when your friend picks up the tab.” Going out is the social minimum for an extrovert, anxiety in a bottle for an introvert, and a great experience for all parties involved. 99% of the time. Coming

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Personal Challenge: 30 Days, 30 New People

Items Needed: Ability to listen, possibly some creativity, $0 Challenge: Meet 1 new person per day for a full month and reflect on each person/conversation Comfort zones. We all have them. And usually these are something that we don’t realize

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The Holidays ‘Thank You’ Challenge: 7 Genuine Letters

The challenge: 7 ‘Thank You’ cards, 7 days, $3.43 in postage stamps Holidays incur a slew of emotions that make people reflect on memories such as lost loved ones, holiday dinners, presents, religious beliefs, relaxation, and much more. For the

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Behind the Scenes of Coffee Productivity: The Coffeeshop

Starbucks, Tim Hortons, and Dunkin Donuts have become staples in modern day America. So much so, that the average American consumes three cups per day. The caffeine, the flavor, and the social stigma around the crafted blend that can be

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