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Leaving Room for Yourself: More Money, Less Worry

Word, Mark. While adopting the “Leaving Room” mentality, keep in mind that a large part of freedom in your personal life comes down to finances. Maybe we’ll call it “Leaving Money” for just this one post … Thinking about how much money

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Leaving Room for Yourself: Meal Prep Central

Adopting the “Leaving Room” mentality for a primary and necessary item that we all think about on an hourly basis. Food. This mentality doesn’t force anybody to switch over to bland and uninteresting food, yet it allows you to free

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Leaving Room for Yourself: The Grey T-Shirt

Think about the last time you felt overwhelmed. Was it recent? How about the last time you just sat down because you needed a minute to think about everything you have to do? The last time that you stood in

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Maintaining Sobriety and Eliminating Boredom

My story of maintaining sobriety and balancing a social life About a year ago I did my first body building show, and as you can expect, it was a big commitment.  Strict dieting, two hours a day in the gym,

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Eliminate the Excess

We live in a world full of marketing, brands, advertisements, and the next best thing. Growing up, everybody envies the person driving the Mercedes, the 9th grader who is wearing a Hollister jacket, that girl with the $300 Ugg boots,

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