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Sexting, Snooping, and Swiping Our Way to a Soulmate

      On airplanes, I’m one of those guys that listens to rap and plays flappy bird until he passes out in a back-breaking position.  But for some reason, everytime I travel I find myself in the airport bookstore pretending to act interested

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Is the Statue of Liberty Black?

My friend Danny recommended that I listened to Pusha T’s new album today, and that I did. Looking for decent rap suggestions in 2016 isn’t an easy feat by any means, and all of the suggestions given will be a

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10 Tips for Traveling Solo in your 20’s

Your 20’s are the time that you get to go out and do a bit of traveling before settling down and starting a family. The experience may be fun and exciting with your family and your closest friends, but you can

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Why You Shouldn’t Listen to What “They Say…”

A few weeks ago, my sister sent me a text saying, ‘OMG Bradley Cooper and Amy Schumer are engaged, WTF”.  These types of messages come through to people on a daily basis through social media, face-to-face engagement, personal conversation, and

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Communication is the Key to Success

The world we live in today is very different from the time our parent’s grew up in. There wasn’t the Internet, email, smartphones or even text messaging. In order to communicate with one another, they had to write letters, speak face-to-face,

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