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5 Non-Traditional Ways to Start Investing as a Millennial, Starting Under $5

Millennials in today’s world are bombarded with the financial advice that many of our role models in our parent’s generation did not take. As they currently revers this and save and invest more and more, only 22% of 55+ year

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Student Loans: Everyone Has Them, Now How Do We Get Rid of Them?

As a millennial, growing up, adults and teachers alike always told us to do well in school in order to get into a “good” college. After putting in countless hours studying in High School to get good grades, participating in extracurricular

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Personal Finance 101: What I Wish I Had Learned in High School and College

“Man, I can’t wait until I am done with school and I have a job and money!” Sound familiar? We all have had that thought go through our heads countless times, whether it be during college or high school. We

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