Author: Samuel Johnson

10 Tips for Traveling Solo in your 20’s

Your 20’s are the time that you get to go out and do a bit of traveling before settling down and starting a family. The experience may be fun and exciting with your family and your closest friends, but you can

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A Podcast? What the heck is that?

Before the Christmas holiday, my girlfriend and I were discussing travel plans and what we would listen to on our travel to see our families together. She brought up the idea of listening to a podcast about the Bowe Bergdahl,

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Communication is the Key to Success

The world we live in today is very different from the time our parent’s grew up in. There wasn’t the Internet, email, smartphones or even text messaging. In order to communicate with one another, they had to write letters, speak face-to-face,

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Student Loans: Everyone Has Them, Now How Do We Get Rid of Them?

As a millennial, growing up, adults and teachers alike always told us to do well in school in order to get into a “good” college. After putting in countless hours studying in High School to get good grades, participating in extracurricular

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