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I lose focus pretty easily, probably because there are so many things that interest me. I want to do everything, see everything, go everywhere, and meet everyone. But, we all know that's not possible (so we're told). What I can do, however is share what I experience. I try my best to stay positive, but more importantly I try to spread the good vibes to everyone around me. I'm just like you. I just choose to talk about it ...

Sexting, Snooping, and Swiping Our Way to a Soulmate

      On airplanes, I’m one of those guys that listens to rap and plays flappy bird until he passes out in a back-breaking position.  But for some reason, everytime I travel I find myself in the airport bookstore pretending to act interested

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It’s Just Water – Reflecting on What We Can and Cannot Control in Our Lives

Alaska, being one of the two states not in the continental US, holds a mysterious vibe in the eyes of many, which is exactly why a reporter from Brooklyn went on a trip to Alaska to observe the locals. The

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Why You Shouldn’t Listen to What “They Say…”

A few weeks ago, my sister sent me a text saying, ‘OMG Bradley Cooper and Amy Schumer are engaged, WTF”.  These types of messages come through to people on a daily basis through social media, face-to-face engagement, personal conversation, and

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Leaving Room for Yourself: More Money, Less Worry

Word, Mark. While adopting the “Leaving Room” mentality, keep in mind that a large part of freedom in your personal life comes down to finances. Maybe we’ll call it “Leaving Money” for just this one post … Thinking about how much money

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Leaving Room for Yourself: Meal Prep Central

Adopting the “Leaving Room” mentality for a primary and necessary item that we all think about on an hourly basis. Food. This mentality doesn’t force anybody to switch over to bland and uninteresting food, yet it allows you to free

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