A Podcast? What the heck is that?

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Before the Christmas holiday, my girlfriend and I were discussing travel plans and what we would listen to on our travel to see our families together. She brought up the idea of listening to a podcast about the Bowe Bergdahl, prisoner of war story. I questioned the idea of a podcast at first, but I ultimately gave in. The title of the podcast was called Serial. Come to find out, the Prisoner of War story was Season 2 of the series. Season 1 is about a murder that happened in the late 90’s. I’m from Baltimore, so anything about that city or surrounding areas really intrigues me.  Needless to say, we listened to the entire first season on our travels.

Let’s back up a second. A podcast? What’s that? Have you listened to one before? Prior to this experience, I had tried delving into the world of podcasts briefly, but it never went anywhere. It seemed like no one was producing them, or I couldn’t find any that were interesting to me. After listening to Serial, I was amazed and have really tuned out music unless I’m working out.

Podcasts, from my perspective, seem like one of those media channels that you’re either deeply involved in or have no idea what it is. I urge you, whoever you are, to go and find a podcast. It can be anything, anything at all, just find one. There are literally hundreds of thousands of them and a majority of them are FREE. They vary in interests from church-goers to an obscure late 90’s Japanese-American TV show Gundam. There is something out there for you.

Honestly, I am tired of the same mainstream music over and over again. With podcasts, you can download them right to your devices, so you have them on the go and aren’t using up data. You can also listen to some of them on the computer while at work (check your company’s corporate policy first). You could potentially be learning something instead of singing the same Justin Bieber lyrics over and over again about finding somebody to love.

I am currently listening to Startup, a podcast about someone who left their job to start a media company called Gimlet. As the name implies, the podcast is about a startup and how the entrepreneur started the company from the ground up with little to no business experience at all. If you’re interested in starting your own business or are a new startup company and have no idea where to go, this podcast is definitely for you.

So far these are some of the podcasts I’ve listened to:

Serial Season 1

Serial Season 2 – In progress each week

TED Talks Business

Startup (Highly recommended)


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