Month: September 2015

Find Your Core Values to Accomplish Your Goals

Moral compasses and values tend to go hand-in-hand. If you are in the majority of people in the world, you tend to gravitate towards people with similar values. These people become your friends, family, and acquaintances in a constant cycle

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Eliminate the Excess

We live in a world full of marketing, brands, advertisements, and the next best thing. Growing up, everybody envies the person driving the Mercedes, the 9th grader who is wearing a Hollister jacket, that girl with the $300 Ugg boots,

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App Review: Robinhood – Zero Commission Stock Trading

Let’s face it: Everybody in the US inevitably hears about the stock market through their day-to-day interactions and how it relates to some aspect of their life. Even if you are attending a liberal arts college in the middle of

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5 Reasons Why Fitness Junkies Make the Best Boyfriend or Girlfriend!

5 Reasons Why   Fitness Junkies Make the Best Boyfriend or Girlfriend! I’ve been in fitness centers for almost 10 years now; whether it be working as a staff member, or working out on my own time. I’ve seen just about everything there

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A Month and a Half with Soylent: The New Way to Eat and Be Productive

With Silicon Valley and the rise of young entrepreneurs, an addition of 20 hours/week to the typical american lifestyle of what we call work, and the inevitable “lack of time” that people keep preaching, everybody is turning to different items

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